Gemstone & Crystals Properties + Benefits

Descriptions are not limited to a gemstones emotional, physical and spiritual attributes, but rather a brief introduction.

AMETHYST: Considered an "All Healer", amethyst has capabilities to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing.

BLACK TOURMALINE: Can keep you balanced, grounded, and deflect negative or unwanted energies. Known to balance the yin/yang.

CITRINE: A joyful stone with bright energy that is often called the "Success Stone." Citrine can encourage hope, happiness and dissipate negative energy.

GARNET: Garnet is an uplifting stone of energy and regeneration. Specifically Red Garnet represents love. 

GREEN AVENTURINE: A comforting stone used to clear and activate the Heart Chakra for general well-being and emotional calm. Encourages harmony and good luck.

HOWLITE: A very calming stone used to relieve stress of all facets. Discourages insomnia due to an overactive mind. May heighten creativity and expand self-expression.

MOONSTONE: Moonstone is a stone of inner growth, strength and new beginnings. It can soothe emotional instability and stress. Moonstone can intensify intuition but also enhance inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters.

MULTI TOURMALINE: Encourages self confidence and the release of tension and anxiety.

QUANTUM QUATTRO: Chrysocolla mixed with Smoky Quartz, Diopside, Malachite, Shattuckite can only be found in Namibia and is thought by some to be a Master Healing Crystal.

QUARTZ: The most versatile healing stone among all crystals and can work on any condition. A stone of power and amplifies energy or intention. Also known as the master healer.

RED AVENTURINE: A stone of manifestation through action and lifts vitality and mental alertness.

RHODONITE: A stone of inner growth that can aid in self-love. Favorable on the heart chakra, opening one to unconditional love and increased service to mankind. Rhodonite is also a calming stone that may assist in calming stress and anxiety.

SMOKY QUARTZ: Grounding yet uplifting! Smoky quartz can gently neutralize negative vibrations and detoxify on many levels.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: A natural volcanic glass containing the mineral Cristobalite in the form of white "snowflake" crystal patterns. A stone of purity that can provide balance for the mind, body and spirit. It can help you acknowledge and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns.

TURQUOISE: A stone for self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and the release of useless regrets.  


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