Thermo-sensitive "Mood" Bead Aromatherapy Bracelet - Lava Essential Oils
Thermo-sensitive "Mood" Bead Aromatherapy Bracelet - Lava Essential Oils
Thermo-sensitive "Mood" Bead Aromatherapy Bracelet - Lava Essential Oils
Thermo-sensitive "Mood" Bead Aromatherapy Bracelet - Lava Essential Oils

Thermo-sensitive "Mood" Bead Aromatherapy Bracelet

Bring back nostalgic memories! The thermo-sensitive liquid crystal filled bead changes color by reading your body temperature. The natural lava allows you to diffuse your favorite essential oils on the go!

• 8mm natural lava
• Thermo-sensitive bead
• Stretch cord
• Inside circumference of bracelet approx. 6.5” or 7"

Does not include a mood chart card.

Essential Oil Application: Visit our FAQs to learn why we love lava and how you can apply essential oils to your lava jewelry. 

Nature seldom repeats itself, and due to the natural nature of each stone and each piece being handcrafted, please expect some variations. All photos are "stock" unless noted otherwise in the listing. Learn more about lava and the natural variations in our FAQs.

+ All of our jewelry is handmade just for you in Wisconsin! Please note that due to this speciality, each piece is made to order and can not be returned or exchanged. Visit our Policies and FAQs for more information.

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Why can’t I return or exchange my item?

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