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FAQ: Agate Oil Bottle Holders

by Chynna King |

agate oil bottle holder, roller bottle display, lipstick holder, essential oil bottle display, agate stone

Q: Who supplies your agate oil bottle holders?
A: We do! All of our agate essential oil bottle displays are tediously created in our studio, alongside all of our lava jewelry. 

Q: Can you create a custom for me?
A: Unfortunatley we are currently unable to take on custom orders.
Q: How often do you restock?
A: We do our best to update the website with a small batch a few times a month! Our instagram is the best place to follow us for updates, sneak peeks and release dates :)

Q: Can I be put on a waitlist for a sold out style?
A: Sadly no. This is because each one is completely one of a kind as they are made using agate slices, which greatly naturally vary.

Q: What size bottles will fit?
A: We create two different size oil bottle holes. One will accommodate 15ML essential oil bottles and the other 5ml essential oil bottles and/or standard roller bottles. Occasionally we will create an agate with both size slots. You can find the info to know which is which via the listing title and description.

Each agate is tested after creation to ensure they fit standard amber essential oil bottles. Due to natural variations in blown glass, occasionally one may be a bit too snug, but this is very uncommon but worth mentioning just to be safe!

Q: Can you tell me more about the creation of your agate oil bottle holders?
A: Each is made with an agate slice and non-toxic and non-yellowing resin in our studio. It takes 1-2 weeks to create a small batch. The holes are not drilled through the resin, but rather it is formed around them, to create a much more clear and smooth slot. Since each agate is so unique, we are not able to use a mold, making the creation process much more time consuming and laborious.