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All of our chains are made of high quality hypoallergenic metals, such as Sterling Silver and tarnish resistant 14K Gold Filled (not gold plated).


Most of our jewelry is multi-purpose, allowing the wearer to incorporate their favorite essential oils to enjoy a gentle aromatic experience on the go.


All of our lava jewelry is handcrafted with heart in our studio located in Wisconsin. Created in small batches, most pieces are made-to-order just for you!

I wish I could buy one of these for every single one of our staff members! Every time I get a whiff of my essential oil at work, I can't help but have a more positive and energized mood. It lessens my feelings of stress almost immediately! If you are a nurse or someone with a stressful job (that includes all you stay at home moms for sure!) definitely consider one of these necklaces.


My favorite way to wear my oils are through my jewelry, specifically my lava essentials beauties - so dainty & minimalistic. Since I have a metal allergy, it's hard for me to find quality jewelry without breaking the bank but a few years back I discovered this cute shop. A single drop on the lava bead & I stay in aromatic bliss all day long.


I can’t quite describe the impact this jewelry has on me. It’s so powerful to have such beautiful pieces that can get you through a rough day, or make a good day better. If you aren’t familiar with diffuser jewelry, the idea is that the porous lava absorbs your oil and then slowly releases the aroma. A drop of oil can last a few hours or even days.